How much does adding Autopilot to a Tesla cost?

The price of Tesla's complete Autopilot Option, which now offers functions like

autonomous lane changes and parking when in highway mode, has increased by $2000 to $10,000.

Given that the improved Autopilot would still drive the car on its own in those

same circumstances where the Full Self-Driving Beta option would also work well,

its Full Self-Driving Beta option is unquestionably not good enough at this juncture to warrant the $9000 premium.

It's interesting to note that Tesla doesn't seem to have opted to increase the cost of its FSD Monthly Subscription Service.

Tesla made tens of thousands of sales of autonomous vehicles to private customers at costs that

were far higher than those needed to provide FSD. Tesla's FSD package now has more features and

is more expensive than the standard Autopilot, creating a significant functional and financial difference between the two.

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Multiple Blue Rings