How Much Does Chevy Trax Cost?

All versions of its least expensive entry-level SUV, including the gaudy-looking Trax RS models, will start at less than $25,000, GM executives said.

The Chevy Trax will continue to be built at GMs Korea factory, and its lower starting price is expected to make

it the third-cheapest crossover on the market, below the Kia Soul subcompact and Hyundai Venue.

Nearly one-foot longer than the new Trax, the new model is one of the largest SUVs in its price-level starting class.

Its brand-new incarnation continues to serve as Chevys entry-level offering into its beloved SUV segment,

but Chevy is also offering the $14,595 starting Spark sedan, which is among the more affordable vehicles in the Autodom.

Prices start at only $21,495 for a base LX, making the 2024 Chevy Trax a stunningly compelling entry-level small SUV,

and the top-of-the-line Actuator punches its bill at $24,995. Unlike some rivals,

The New will not come with a four-wheel-drive option, a choice available on the current model.

which is a substantial drop when you are starting out with just 155 ponies.