How Much Does It Cost To Fuel Up A Tesla Cybertruck?

Typically, vehicle ownership costs consist of average prices for parts, maintenance,

and fuelaor, in the case of Teslas Cybertruck, electricity costs.

The Model 3 is by far the least expensive, with estimated costs of charging for each 100 miles of

driving being in the $3 range, with minor variations depending on a vehicles range rating.

The Model X is Teslas larger, heavier model compared to the Model S, and it has lower range,so we will figure out cost per mile.

With that fixed, we can change the other 2 factors (battery size or model of Tesla, and price of electricity) to figure out what

does it take to charge a Tesla completely. Using the same information on average per-kWh charges for residential usage,

we can work out what the charge costs will be to recharge the Model Ss battery, ranging from 0% to 100%.

Multiple Blue Rings
Multiple Blue Rings