How Much Does It Cost To Upgrade An Old Tesla Model 3 To Autopilot?

Elon Musks recent announcement about the falling prices of the Tesla base Autopilot and Full Self-Driving (FSD) upgrades

suggests Tesla may be making an announcement on the price changes either at Teslas earnings call for

the second quarter of 2020, or at some point thereafter. Amid the furor, Tesla dropped the cost of

the upgrades on Tuesday from $1,500 to $1,000, according to screenshots from a Tesla app shared by a Tesla owner with Insider.

As Tesla highlighted, the Hardware 3.0 update increased in price to $1,500 once it went live for its full Self-Driving subscription.

Tesla asked for $1,500 for the swap of the older computers for Hardware 3.0 silicon, and Tesla later reduced the swap to $1,000.

For those who bought used Teslas which already included the enhanced Autopilot, full Autopilot could be added for $3,000.

The complimentary Camera Autopilot upgrade is available to Tesla owners only if they purchased the full Self-Driving software package.

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Multiple Blue Rings