How Much Does New 4680 Batteries Used Tesla Model 3 Cost ?

In April 2019, Tesla CEO Elon Musk said that replacing a battery module A rather

than a full battery pack A on the Tesla Model 3 would cost $5,000 to $7,000.

The new all-wheel-drive Model Y, which comes from the Teslas new Texas Gigafactory,

has about $1,000 less worth of new 4,680-unit batteries, but it loses 50 miles of range.

Tesla is building 4680-equipped Model Ys out of the Gigafactory Texas, but is mostly shipping out

2,170-equipped Model Ys to customers, since the 4680 battery program has not yet ramped up completely.

They said that savings came mostly from designing new 4680 cells that are larger than the cells Tesla currently uses for its 2170 batteries.

A full 75-kWh battery swap for the Model 3, according to a Tesla bill shared with Current Automotive, costs $16,550.67.

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