How Much Does Tesla Insurance Cost in 2022?

Due to the generally high cost of Tesla insurance,

comparison shop online and review prices from various businesses. prior to choosing an insurance plan for your Tesla vehicle.

There are less expensive solutions available, but a Tesla Model 3's insurance will cost more.

than the $1,730 annual average (or $144 monthly) for car insurance across the country.

Higher rates are a result of expensive repairs,

As insurance companies must spend more on accident claims to repair your Tesla,

a cost that is transferred to you through increased Tesla-specific typical auto insurance prices.

The typical annual auto insurance premium for the Tesla Model Y is $2,756, or $230 per month.

when Tesla provides the insurance, the cost of the Model Y's insurance is around twice as much as the national average.

According to insurance quotations from well-known, nationwide businesses, for a 40-year-old driver in Scottsdale, Arizona,

The typical annual insurance premium for a Tesla Model 3 is $2,555.76, or $212.98 per month.

The insurance premiums for the Tesla Model 3 are 2.5% more expensive than the $1,551 average annual cost of auto insurance for all 2022 model year vehicles (not a trim).

Your insurance costs may differ if you drive a Tesla Y depending on trim, upgrades, and