How Much Does The 2023 Chevy Copo Camaro Cost?

Chevrolet announced this week the first details and start of orders for their 2023 COPO Camaro,

one of the options on the Drag Special is the new Crate Engine. The ZZ632 crate engine will be paired with the

three-speed ATI Racing Products Th400 automatic transmission, just like other engines offered in Chevys 2023 COPO Camaro line.

Regardless of engine, each COPO Camaro comes equipped with a three-speed automatic transmission

(the larger-block cars feature a slightly higher-gear ratio) and Strange Engineering nine-inch rear axle.

Other engine choices for the 2023 model year are a 7.0-liter 427 V8 and a supercharged 5.7-liter 350 V8, producing 470 horsepower and 580 horsepower, respectively.

Chevrolets US-based production drag car, the COPO Camaro, returns in 2023, but Chevrolets US-based production drag car brings along a new engine to fight in the quarter-mile.

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Multiple Blue Rings

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