How Much Is Insurance On A 2022 Tesla Model 3?

Car insurance for the Tesla Model S costs $789 per year, or $66 per month, for the policy with the lowest level of coverage, according to our research.

When compared with the top-rated models in this segment, Tesla Model 3 auto insurance costs $102 more annually than Toyota Camry insurance, $10 more than Honda Accord insurance,

Also model 3 insurance costs  $102 less than Nissan Altima insurance rates, and $16 more than Chevy Malibu insurance.

 The average auto insurance rate for a car with a conventional engine, known as non-electric, is $289 a month,

but Tesla Model 3 insurance costs about $318 per month, with a total yearly cost of $3,816.

If you drive a Tesla Model S, and you want just the minimum car insurance required by your state, you will pay on average $789 a year, or $ 66 per month, for that.

Based on quotes from popular nationwide insurance companies, for a 40-year-old driver with a clean driving record in Scottsdale, Arizona,

 the average cost to insure a Tesla Model 3 is $2,555.76 a year, or $212.98 per month.

That is considerably more expensive than the average cost of insuring a similar 40-year-old driver, which was just $1,712 annually.

Other models can be cheaper to insure than others, depending on what safety features are installed on your car and what insurance company you choose.

The Tesla that put the brand on the map was the Model S.

 This luxury sedan, starting at a full-size, starts at a long-range model, and costs $3,673 in insurance per year, on average.