How Much Is Insurance On A 2022 Tesla?

Since the average Tesla insurance costs can be quite high,

 shop around online and compare quotes from several companies. before making your final decision about Tesla car insurance coverage.

There are cheaper options out there, but you can expect to pay more for a Tesla Model 3s insurance

 than the average nationwide car insurance rates, which are $1,730 a year, or $144 a month.

 The expensive cost of repairs contributes to higher premiums,

as insurers must pay out more on accidents claims in order to fix your damaged Tesla,

 a cost passed along to you through higher average auto insurance rates for Teslas.

The average car insurance costs for the Tesla Model Y are $2,756 a year, or $230 per month

 when Tesla is the insurance provider, making the Tesla Model Ys insurance roughly twice as expensive as average auto insurance.

Based on quotes from national, popular insurance companies, for a 40-year-old driver with a clean driving record in Scottsdale, Arizona,

the average cost to insure a Tesla model 3 is $2,555.76 a year, or $212.98 a month.

When compared with all cars for the 2022 model year (not a trim), the Tesla Model 3s insurance costs are 2.5% higher than the average nationwide auto insurance rate of $1,551 per year.

If you are driving the Tesla Y, your insurance costs may vary depending on trim, upgrades, and what coverage levels you choose.