How Much Is The Cost To Fill Up A Dual Tank Semi Truck?

In December, NewsCenter 7 spoke to one semi-truck driver who said that filling up his tank,

which holds between 120 and 150 gallons of diesel, costs $900 and $1,100.

In a typical U.S. diesel tank, the price for filling a truck that has one 120-gallon tank is

about $360, or $900 for long-haul trucks that have two 150-gallon tanks.

When looking at average fuel mileage of 18-wheelers with two 150-gallon tanks, a long-haul truck could go

as far as 2,100 miles on one set of tanks. Drivers must carry large amounts of fuel, as

the average miles per gallon (mpg) of a semi truck is just 5.6 mpg.

We can expect to see 7 miles per gallon in diesel trucks under the current US regulations, at about a 15c/mile service charge.

If you have a truck with a 50-gallon tank, and gas is an average $4 per gallon,

then you are looking at $200 per tank before turning those keys over.

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