What Is The Tesla Semi Truck's Top Speed?

When Elon Musk first revealed this in a tweet that garnered a lot of attention,

there were online discussions regarding whether or not a Tesla Semi would be able to cover this distance on a single battery charge.

 Elon Musk, the CEO of Tesla, said that while charging at the megacharger,

which Tesla would guarantee for a price  of $7 per kilowatt-hour,

 the electric Semi will be $20 per mile (12 cents per kilometre) less expensive to operate than the diesel truck (in the US).

He said that his semi truck is more simpler to drive than other semi trucks

since it does not have a multi-gear gearbox as diesel vehicles have.

 According to Musk, his heavy-duty vehicles would also provide truckers with the BAMF's performance specifications,

including acceleration and speed, 500 miles of range per charge, and lower operating expenses than a typical diesel truck.

On a 5% incline, diesel trucks can currently  travel at a peak speed of 45 miles per hour; his  Semi will  go at 65 miles per  hour on that same grade.attached in five flashing seconds.