How Much Will a 2023 Tesla Model 3 Cost When Fully Loaded?

The starting price for a new Model 3 Tesla Model 3 EV in 2023 is $46,990 for base model, and $62,990 for Performance.

The overall cost of a Tesla Model 3 with upgrades including a  black-and-white interior

 sports wheels, red paint, and autonomous driving capability could reach $63,490.

 After a number of price increases, Teslas Model 3 Performance is  now priced above $60,000,  but it is still below Model Ys long range.

Fully loaded, a basic Tesla Model S Long Range costs $110,190

while a Plyde costs $150,190, with both including $1,200 in destination charges.

 The Model 3 Performance, fully loaded, goes for as much as $82,990

 with the added charge of the charging dock, if you do not have room already for recharging the new Tesla.

The Model Y, Teslas compact SUV, starts at $54,190 for a basic model with long range

which is capable of going up to an EPA-estimated 326 miles on a full charge of the Model Ys battery pack.

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