How Much Will The 2022 Chevy Copo Camaro Cost?

Chevys Performance Parts retailer and sometime Special Projects builder Chevrolet Performance has revealed details of

a new 2022 Camaro COPO, including the fact that it will come equipped with the big-block V8s 9.4-liter (572 cubic inches).

Chevys big-block V-8 is certainly going to be Chevy Performances most potent offering

but it is not the only engine that 2022s model-year COPO Camaro customers can get.

The Chevrolet COPO Camaro, the special purpose drag racing car, returns for the 2022 model year

and it will offer three engines. The 2022 Chevrolet Camaro COPO 572 uses a cast-iron block with a four-bolt main cover,

an aluminum head, forged steel crankshaft, forged steel connecting rods, and forged aluminum pistons.

Pricing on a 2022 Camaro COPO A big-block 572-cubic-inch V-8 starts at $105,500 (not including taxes, title, license, and dealer fees).

A COPO Camaro equipped with 572-cubic-inch will cost $105,500 before applicable fees,

with the engine coming as an aftermarket option (Chevrolet Camaro title is not required).

The new 572-cubic-inch is inspired by the original 1969 COPO Camaro, a dragster designed specifically for

dealers using a central office production order, or COPO, to equip cars with as much horsepower as possible from their engines.