How Practical Is It To Power The Tesla Semi With Solar Energy?

Cost implies that before a Tesla semi-truck actually starts saving money in comparison to the current diesel standard,

it will have traveled more than a million miles.

This 500-mile range is nearly half that of a regular diesel truck, but Tesla CEO Musk has downplayed this shortcoming

by pointing out that the Tesla Semi will accelerate more quickly and cost less to operate.

That makes the fuel cost for the Tesla Semi $0.28 per gallon, which is much more expensive than older,

less efficient trucks and slightly over half the cost of the most efficient semi trucks.

With the Semi traveling 80,000 to 100,000 miles annually, Tesla may save $50,000 on fuel expenditures per year.

According to these specialists, current battery technology is not able to enable anywhere close to

the 30 minute charging periods that Elon Musk promised for Tesla's electric delivery trucks.