How Realistic Is Using Solar Energy To  Power The Tesla Semi?

Cost suggests that a Tesla semi-truck will have travelled more than a million miles

 before it actually starts saving money  in relation to the  current diesel standard.

Although this 500-mile range is less  than a typical diesel truck's, Musk has played down  this drawback by

Who Makes The Unbreakable highlighting the Tesla Semi's faster acceleration and lower operating costs. For The Tesla Semi?

 For the Tesla Semi, this translates to a  fuel cost of $0.28 per gallon, which is  much more  expensive than older,

 less efficient trucks and little over half  as expensive  as the most efficient semi trucks.

The Semi will cover  80,000 to 100,000 miles yearly, which  might result in fuel  savings for Tesla of $50,000.

These experts claim that the 30 minute charging times Elon Musk promised for

 Tesla's electric delivery trucks are not possible with today's battery technology.

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