How Stealable Are Dodge Ram Trucks?

This year in Guelph and the surrounding regions, police reported that new Dodge Rams

and Ford F150 pickups have been the most often stolen vehicles.

Thieves have taken  newer Dodge and Ram  automobiles with  V8 engines from  Detroit-area  neighbourhoods before.

The Ford F-150 has been the most often stolen vehicle for the past two years, and the number of stolen trucks has significantly increased.

According to authorities, in these incidents,  the criminals broke into the interiors of three  Dodge Ram pickup vehicles

 using a relay technique and reverse programming, programming the keys fobs with blanks.

Once inside the  target car, the  thieves might lift the hood and obtain access to the electronics wiring,

 reprogram the ignition systems to work with a different key or fob, and then drive away.

As was previously noted, high-tech burglars  break into the vehicle's electric system  to encode new keys.

Once programmed, the criminals may start the car, open the doors, and drive off as if they still had your keys.

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