If Driving is Tesla Bot’s primary function ?

Elon Musk warmly endorsed the Tesla Bot, emphasizing that it was intended to replace-

humans with machines for laborious, strenuous, or hazardous work.

This invention should lessen risks associated to the workplace.

However, Musk added that this new bot will also be capable of performing tedious duties like grocery shopping.

These Tesla Bots won't be able to drive as of right now.

Tesla and other companies may, however, be working on the autonomous driver in the future.

Some of the possible skills and statistics of the Tesla Bot were shared by The Washington Post using an infographic.

It will be around 5 feet 8 inches tall and have a carrying capacity of 45 pounds.

It will be capable of an amazing 150-pound deadlift as well as a 10-pound extended arm lift.

Evidently, in the event of a Terminator scenario, this new humanoid aide will -

likewise be mild-mannered and simple to subdue or escape from.