Is Elon Musk'S Tesla Using Outdated Battery Technology?

CEO Elon Musk confirmed, during an interview in February 2021 with expert torn-down journalist Sandi Munro,

 that Tesla will begin using 12-volt Lithium-Ion batteries in Model S and Model X.

Elon Musk has suggested the companys batteries could end up being about two-thirds iron-based and one-third nickel-based in all of its products.

Speaking at an event at which Musk laid out plans for reducing costs,

 the CEO acknowledged the companys not yet completely finished designing and producing its new batteries.

The gains that Elon Musks battery production costs have made over the last couple of years may help to improve profits and expand his lead over most EV (electric car) competitors.

The engineers who helped turn Tesla into a Tesla powerhouse Elon Musks Tesla sees a future in which every car is an EV

 and an unfathomably lucrative market for recycling the precious metals in all those batteries.

 The electric vehicle revolution is on, and as that trend develops, it is showing that batteries are not the main power source of EVs anymore.

 If Tesla does not adapt to these new battery trends, consumers will probably gravitate toward electric cars with these technologies,

 due to their greater range and shorter charging times.

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