Is Tesla Car Insurance  Any Good?

Tesla Insurance is a competitively priced insurance product designed

 to give Tesla car owners rates that are as much as 20% lower, or as much as 30% lower, in certain situations.

 What makes Tesla Insurance so expensive is that Teslas have higher repair costs when they are actually involved in an accident,

which is the main factor used by insurance providers in setting rates for particular makes and models.

 Most large auto insurance providers will offer your Tesla insurance,

but because they categorize it as a luxury car, they charge a higher-end premium to match.

While Tesla insurance might not be the least expensive option for all drivers,

Tesla Insurance is tailored specifically to the Tesla  car (which has unique maintenance and repair needs),

 so you are likely to receive services from professionals that understand your vehicles unique needs.

 MONEYGEEK EXPERT TIP Keep in mind Tesla offers car insurance only,

so you will not qualify for the Home & Auto Policy Bundle, which can offer extra discounts to lower your total costs.

Choosing the best Tesla vehicle insurance likely involves a policy that has both mandatory and optional coverage,

and that is likely to cost more than the average nationwide premium.

 Auto insurance for Tesla models is generally quite expensive, with rates typically exceeding the $1,730 annual average nationwide for comprehensive coverage.

Tesla Model 3 owners could potentially save hundreds of dollars a  year by comparing car insurance quotes from several different  insurance companies.

Tesla says that factors could save drivers up to 20-30% over average auto insurance costs from  other providers.

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