Is it banned for Ford dealers to resell F-150 Lightning trucks to customers?

According to Roadshow, Ford now permits dealers to bar consumers from

reselling the F-150 Lightning for up to a year following the purchase of the car.

By providing dealers such latitude, Ford is truly making things difficult for potential purchasers of the F-150 Lightning

from hefty markups, extended wait periods, and a "no sales" restriction.

Dealers may worry that if Ford doesn't let them to add a significant markup to Lightning costs

some customers would purchase one at a reasonable price and then sell it for an even higher price.

Therefore, mistreated dealers can lose their ability to distribute F-150 Lightning trucks for

the entirety of the 2022 model year if Ford dealers continue to demand additional fees.

Ford said that the authorisation was given in response to a dealer query concerning their capacity to mandate

that consumers maintain their new F-150 Lightning trucks for a year following the date of purchase.

According to Ford, a small number of dealers are requesting buyers to make several deposits in order to secure a reservation for the F-150 Lightning.