Is Tesla Better Than Mercedes Benz Or Bmw?

The 2023 Mercedes-Benz EQB, which was a new car in the 2022 model year,

Mercedes-Benz is one of the German luxury brands has propelled Tesla to the front lines in the luxury car  market.

 Throughout the year, BMW and its German counterpart, Mercedes-Benz, traded places to become the luxury sectors second best sales, just behind Tesla.

Tesla has not only unsold BMW, it has unsold Lexus and Mercedes-Benz, two luxury brands with  strong U.S. popularity.

In other words, Tesla sold 41.5% more cars during the first quarter of the year than BMW.

 Tesla, Jaguar, Mercedes,  and Audi, in order, outsold BMW to the market in all-electric SUV offerings with  Model X, i-Pace, EQC,  and the E-Tron i-Pace.

Model 3s average sales  price is higher than those of the Audi, BMW and Mercedes,

 because Tesla has been emphasizing premium versions of the vehicle  since its introduction.

 For customers looking to drop into six figures on a luxury vehicle, there is  simply no comparison between  an i7 and Model S.

 Peter Nota, head of sales for BMW, told Auto  News recently that  Tesla has had a unique  sales pitch for a  while now.

 Tesla is not just in an impressive position in the  EV production space, it is  also running away with the  crown among all luxury  automakers in certain  parts of the world.

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