Is Tesla Cybertruck  going to get 1 MW ultra-fast charging tech ?

The automaker announced the Tesla Cybertruck will utilize its

1 MW ultra-fast charging technology at the same time as the Tesla Semi.

There was a "one more thing" moment during the Tesla Semi Delivery Event today even

though the company didn't launch a new Roadster from the back of a truck like it did at the vehicle's initial debut five years ago.

For the Tesla Semi, Tesla showcased its new 1 MW DC fast-charging technology.

We already knew that Tesla has a charging system for the Tesla Semi that

can reach a maximum of 1 MW, but at the event today,

Tesla highlighted its new "immersion cooling technology,"

which allows it to reach a considerably greater maximum.

That is not only extremely outstanding in and of itself,

but it is also greatly required for a large semi-truck with a large battery pack.

The major news was that Tesla CEO Elon Musk announced during the event that it will also be utilized by Cybertruck