Is The Extended Warranty For Tesla Model S Worth The Money?

Tesla offers an extensive warranty package that covers Teslas Model S sedans drivetrain and hybrid components,

but it does not have the long bumper-to-bumper coverage of Polestar 2 or its free routine maintenance packages.

Having the extended warranty gives you peace of mind and eliminates any worry that comes every time something breaks on the Tesla,

or the vehicle experiences problems, because you know that you are covered.

If you already have a Tesla, you can add on extended warranty coverage for up to 30 days/1,000 miles past the end of the initial new vehicle limited warranty,

but the coverage costs will be cheaper if you buy it earlier than later. .

If you buy your used Tesla direct from Tesla, you will enjoy added peace of mind thanks to the companys Used Vehicle Limited Warranty,

which offers 1 year/10,000 miles of coverage after your original factory warranty expires.

It is also important to note that, in the case of a used car, repairs needed for systems or parts considered to pre-existing at the time

 the program was purchased would not be covered by the new extended warranty program.

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