Is the infotainment system in a Tesla the best?

With regards to Android Auto, BMW has been dragging its feet.

But starting with cars equipped with its brand-new iDrive 7 infotainment system in 2021, it will finally offer the wireless version.

According to a Consumer Reports study of owners, Tesla models have the best infotainment systems among new automobiles.

Tesla's in-car infotainment system received an amazing 86% of the poll respondents' overall satisfaction votes.

praising its audio, telephony, and navigation capabilities.

On Consumer Reports' 2019 list of the most dependable automobile brands, Tesla was ranked 27th out of 28 brands.

While Consumer Reports placed Teslas Model X in the bottom 10 for most unreliable cars.

According to Tesla, any Model S or Model X car built in March 2018 or earlier is eligible for an infotainment upgrade,

which costs $1,750 to $2,250 depending on its driver assist system computer version.

 Similar to Tesla, this includes both a full-vehicle firmware-level update (FOTA) as well as updates to Infotainment-related functions (SOTA).