Is The Tesla Semi Fully Autonomous?

At the launch event for the Production Version of the Tesla Semi, the automaker announced many things about

the electric truck, but did not say anything about its being equipped with Autopilot/Full Self-Driving tech.

When Teslas full Self-Driving tech was announced, Tesla said that the Semi will have

at least semi-autonomous driving, although there is no info on that right now on the trucks web page.

The truck comes equipped with Enhanced Autopilot, the second-generation Teslas semi-autonomous tech,

which features automated braking, lane-keeping, and lane-departure warning.

Teslas semiautonomous Autopilot system would also be the power behind Elon Musks new tractor-trailer,

which is capable of moving like a convoy, using the platooning approach, in which several trucks follow one, human-driven leader.

Teslas specialized electric semi-truck powertrain, which is controlled by computers and can react quickly,

offers advantages in both grip and stability control, making trucks safer, in principle at least.

Multiple Blue Rings
Multiple Blue Rings

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