Is There A Sleeper On The Tesla Semi Truck?

The "Day Cab" on the Tesla Semi Electric trucks, which typically enables shorter, lighter bodies than Sleeper Cabs

and lower power usage, was discovered by Tesla's MY2023 VIN Decoder (through the NHTSA).

In order to create the modern, reimagined Tesla Long-Range Cab, Tesla deleted numerous typical Semi features.

Elon Musk, CEO of Tesla, has made significant commitments for his much anticipated Semi, commitments that

if kept, will elevate Tesla beyond its rivals in a brand-new market.

Such capabilities would be perfect for a longer-range Tesla Semi

allowing drivers to take quick naps while the Semi recharged at one of Tesla's upcoming megacharger stations.

Additional cameras are installed in the Tesla Semi prototype so that

Tesla may test different camera placements to determine how to effectively use them in their suite of driver assistance features.