Does the Tesla have partial autonomy?

The carmaker made a number of  announcements  regarding

 the electric truck during the launch ceremony for the Production Version of the Tesla Semi,

but it made no mention of the vehicle's Autopilot or Full Self-Driving technology.

 Although there is currently no information available on the truck's website,

 Tesla said that the Semi will feature at least semi-autonomous driving when its complete self-driving technology was disclosed.

The truck has second-generation Tesla semi-autonomous technology called Enhanced Autopilot,

which includes automatic braking, lane-keeping, and lane-departure warning.

Elon Musk's new tractor-trailer, which is capable of travelling like a convoy utilising the platooning strategy,

in which numerous trucks follow one, human-driven leader, would be  propelled by Tesla's semiautonomous  Autopilot technology.

In theory, Tesla's specialist electric semi-truck engine, which is computer-controlled and quick to react,

 offers benefits in grip and stability control, making vehicles safer.