Is There A Transmission On The Tesla Semi?

The majority of electricity and energy is directed toward just moving the wheels;

Tesla then extends the range of the new Tesla Semi trucks using the Regenerative Power System rather than by expending additional electricity.

 The initial energy required to move the wheels would account for the majority of the power used,

but once the truck has been moved, the semi can start creating  regenerative energy  to increase its range.

 Regenerative braking will be used almost always by the four electric motors on the driving axles,

 unlike the diesel-powered semis, whose brake  power does not allow  for it as regularly.

The Tesla Semi only has one gearbox, and its rear axles are driven by four electrical motors that  each operate independently.

Instead, Turn is all-electric Semi features a drivetrain that doesn't need gear shifts (as is typical with all-electric vehicles)

 and regenerative braking, which, according to Tesla, gives brakes an  essentially limitless lifespan.