Is There An Odometer On New Updated Tesla Model 3  ?

We are eager to see how far Tesla's Model 3 will go  after hearing that an  update is on the way.

Even with its relatively low price, the Tesla Model 3 nevertheless manages to offer about

 everything you could possibly desire in  a car, including a long  driving range,

quick speeds, lots of  storage space, and a pleasant ride.

The 2021 Tesla Model 3  also performs admirably in  terms of driving range,

which is what EV  purchasers are more likely  to prioritize above speed or riding  quality.

Tesla claims that the  Model 3 should be able to manage 315 miles of range, which isn't exactly an underdog in the range department.

Tesla states that the base model has a range of up to 277 miles,

 however depending on the wheels you choose, that range may be as low  as 267 miles.

I am unsure whether Tesla's boasts that the Model 3 can accelerate from 0 to 60  miles per hour in 5.1  seconds  are true.

 In order to gain his opinion on the whole experience of driving a long-range  Model 3

and how well it holds up  after so many miles,  Electrek spoke to another Tesla owner.

We spoke with a few  owners of Model 3 vehicles  earlier this year who had  put a lot of miles on them,

and all of them were still  very pleased with their vehicles. However, one  more Tesla owner has  since upgraded  his Model 3.

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