Is Warren Buffett Secretly Buying Tesla Stock?

Back in May 2020, Yahoo Finance asked Buffett whether he would purchase Tesla,

and the former gave the terse no. Elon Musks Tesla, by contrast, was quoted saying thatUnbreakable Glass For The Tesla Semi?

Not a huge fan of Warren Buffett, writes Florian Sollner at yesterdays Der Actionaer.

Tesla investors should not take this personally, considering that Buffett has

also never invested in stocks such as Alphabet, Inc. GOOGL or Netflix, Inc. NFLX.

Warren Buffetts Berkshire Hathaway first bought shares in BYD in 2008 for HK$8 ($1.02) per share on average, investing $230 million.

Elon Musks sale this year of a portion of BYD stock has left Warren Buffetts Berkshire Hathaway holding about 16% in BYD, down from 20% he held before.