LeBron James was a highly sought-after football recruit in his high School before becoming a basketball superstar.

James only participated in high school football for two years, but because of his wide receiver abilities,

he was compared to Jerry Rice and described as "a taller, slower version of Randy Moss."

James gradually stuck with basketball, and his 4 NBA championships, 18 All-NBA selections and

18 All-Star appearances more than justified that decision. The Los Angeles Rams cornerback Jalen Ramsey, though,

doesn't appear to have used the word "dominant" to describe James' football chances.

In the first episode of "TNF in The Shop," Ramsey claimed that despite James' 6-foot-8 frame, he "has no chance" of making it to the NFL.

He also said he wouldn't allow James to "Moss" him. James argued the opposite and threatened to "Moss" Ramsey.