MLB Trade: $360 Million Contract Between Aaron Judge And The Yankees

According to reports, the all-star slugger and current AL MVP Aaron Judge is

re-signing with the New York Yankees on a nine-year, $360 million contract.

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Judge was able to increase his salary significantly from what

the Yankees offered in the spring thanks to all of this fully realized talent.

At the time, general manager Brian Cashman disclosed to the media that

he had extended Judge's contract for a another seven years at a total cost of $213.5 million,

or $30.5 million annually. The major worry about Judge's free agency,

both then and now, is how his 6-foot-7 frame will hold up over time.

While playing 148+ games each of the last two seasons has allayed many health worries,

batters this height have frequently seen precipitous declines in

their early to mid-30s, and Judge will turn 31 in April.