MLB trade Update: Los Angeles Dodgers Officially Re-Sign Clayton Kershaw

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Today, the Los Angeles Dodgers revealed that they have re-signed Clayton

Kershaw to a one-year, $20MM contract. According to Mark Feinsand of,

it will come in the form of a $5 million signing bonus and a $15 million salary.

Nearly a month has passed since news broke that Kershaw would be making a one-year comeback to the Dodgers.

The paperwork took a while to complete for whatever reason, but the club finally made it official today.

Kershaw spent his entire career with the Dodgers after being selected in the first round.

When he was barely 20 years old, in 2008, he made his debut.

At his best, Kershaw won three Cy Young awards in four years, taking home the honor in 2011, 2013, and 2014.

He is now about ten years removed from that time. He reached 225 four times in the five years between

2011 and 2015 despite never recording an ERA greater than 2.53.