When someone else cooks for you, food simply tastes even more delicious.

We'll walk you through the top 5 offers at chain restaurants in the US in this article.

1. Chili's furthermore has a Margarita of the Month promotion.

 They select a different flavour of their margarita every month and sell it all day, every day for just $5.

2. PF Changs : Some of these delectable meals and a variety of drinks are available at Happy Hour for less than $6.

3. Cracker Barrel : They are renowned for their amazing Christmas sales, where you can frequently get 50% off.

4. Red Lobster : You may sign up for Red Lobster's fantastic loyalty programme,

which is free, for freebies and offers dependent on how many points you earn.

They provide affordable family packages starting at just $7!

 Bargain! Daily specials like Steak and Lobster Surf & Turf for only $19.99 are available.