Must Know: Important Aspects To Consider Before Buying A Tesla

Considering the Roadster, was released only 15 years ago, Tesla is a fairly young automaker.

With that in mind, it makes sense that it will take them a long time to perfect the recipe.

Additionally, as parts and components for Tesla cars become more widely used,

their prices for repair and replacement will drop.

The fact that Tesla cars are far too intelligent for their own good is

another important factor in why the company's reliability hasn't exactly been the best.

Tesla is adamant about having some of the most technologically sophisticated cars,

but new technology also means new flaws and glitches.

Additionally, it is clear that Tesla has been raising the bar for both standards and

quality every year when contrasting more recent models with those from the last five years.

Tesla ranks 19th out of 24 automakers in Consumer Reports' annual dependability surveys; obviously,

their standards aren't as good as they should be, but they're on the

right track since they rated 26th out of 28th the previous year.