LeBron James, who is currently 37, has missed the previous two games.

Lamar Odom, an NBA champion, claimed to know what the Los Angeles Lakers must do to

change their season and go to the playoffs: take someone off their court.

Last week, Odom made an appearance on "The LADE Show," telling co-host Aron Cohen that Los Angeles should change up their lineup.

"If you trade LeBron, you know you're doing more than rebuilding. … If you did,

probably going to put yourself back into contention," the 2011 NBA Sixth Man of the Year said.

"You can get half a team... you're picking two or three players that [have] been playing together already.

I do call him 'God James,' but 'God' knows that the world evolves." Odom said.

Despite having James, Anthony Davis, and Russell Westbrook on the roster, the Lakers have had a dismal start to the season.

The Lakers' record and recent performance were both 3-10 and 3-7 as of Thursday.

James missed two of the last three games due to an adductor strain that occurred last week.

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