Let the civil lawsuit filed by Karl Racine, the Washington, D.C., attorney general, against-

Dan Snyder, the owner of the Washington Commanders team, on the grounds that

the organization has a "toxic culture of sexual harassment," serve as a reminder of Snyder's -

long history of bullying and poor management as the franchise owner.

 Over the course of 23 years, he has taken one of the National Football League's most valuable brands and

  turned it into something unremarkable and embarrassing.

However, despite nearly a quarter century of subpar performance on the field and public humiliations off it,

 the NFL owners never heard the district's earnest prayers and fired this man.

 But there's reason to believe that Snyder is taking a final drag after a string of events that includes the attorney general's lawsuit.

 When Snyder was merely a problem for the team's supporters, the other franchise owners showed no concern.

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