In his two seasons with the team, Jae Crowder has been a great supporter of the Suns.

Crowder has been able to perform the job that was assigned to him by posting slightly over career averages in points (9.7) and rebounds (5.0) in Phoenix.

Although he may not have lived up to the nonetheless been there when the team needed him.

They reached the NBA Finals in 2020–21, the year Crowder was hired by Phoenix.

They had a franchise-best 64-18 season the next year, finishing first in the Western Conference.

It goes without saying that Crowder has enjoyed his time playing for the Suns. However, that period is now over because he was unable to secure a contract extension in Phoenix.

His age is the issue (32 years old). The Suns will require younger legs in their key positions if they want to continue competing in today's NBA.

On the other side, John Collins, who has higher averages than Crowder, is seven years younger.

Despite this season's poor performance from beyond the arc (22.7%), his 49.3 field goal percentage and 12.6 ppg scoring average demonstrate his contributions.

In addition, Collins averages 7.7 more rebounds per game than Crowder does.

Given his experience and usefulness, Collins could appear to be the better option, but his contract is still an issue.

Phoenix might decide against picking up the two guaranteed years at $51.92 million that are still available for him. Collins might not make it to Phoenix if money is an issue.

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