Ram’S Electric Pickup Concept Will Be Revealed In Less Than A Month

Ram is set to debut its EV pickup truck concept at the Las Vegas Consumer Electronics Show in January

approximately two months after the original planned LA debut.

The Ram 1500 Revolution electric truck concept is set to debut globally next January at CES 2023

rather than this month, Ram Chief Executive Officer Mike Koval Jr. has suggested.

Ram is looking to get in on the EV truck action, with plans to introduce a Ram EV pickup concept in the fall,with a 2024 production date on the books.

Instead, that honor would go to Promaster vans, although its first EV pickup would become the Rams first EV truck.

While Ram 1500 is one year behind Chevy Silverado, it might not be too much of a knock on the Stellantis brand

considering fully electric trucks are such a new thing anyway.

November is going to be a pivotal date for Ram - it is when Stellantis is going to unveil the new Ram Revolution

a full-size Ram 1500 EV concept truck that is being worked on. The full-size Ram 1500 EV concept truck is being worked on.

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