Reason The Cybertruck Looks Awesome, According To Tesla Designer

 Teslas chief designer noted the production model would be quite similar to the initial prototype,

with only minor changes. Its controversial design is different than conventional cars in using,

 a stainless-steel exoskeleton rather than a conventional body-on-frame design.

Teslas Cybertrucks design looks like a computer simulation, a sort of pixelated, 3-D rendering of something out of some sci-fi film.

 Speaking of Teslas inspirations for Cybertrucks, Frantz noted Tesla looked at vehicles such as fighter planes for a base for an all-electric pickup truck.

As demonstrated onstage by Tesla CEO Elon Musk and designer Franz von Holzhausen,

the newly revealed Tesla Cybertruck is built for abuse.

Teslas Chief Design Officer said that prior to designing Cybertruck, Teslas employees played the game of aligning various truck brands

 in order to try and distinguish between the two, but they were not successful.

 There, along with talking about the Tesla Chief Design Officers career, its projects, and its subsequent collaboration with Elon Musk.

Von Holzhausen shared her thoughts on Teslas Cybertruck.