25 alleged members or supporters of a "domestic terrorist organisation" that

seeks to overthrow the German government have been detained by police.

The network, according to Justice Minister Marco Buschmann, is a part of the "Reichsbürger scene."

25 alleged members and supporters of a terrorist group were detained early on Wednesday in a national raid.

The network, which is a part of a larger right-wing movement, was already well established, according to officials,

and had a clear plan to violently overturn the German state and install a new government.

German Justice Minister Marco Buschmann and the federal prosecutor's office in Germany both announced the raids.

the targets of the investigations are a suspected terrorist network with connections to the Reichsbürger movement

One alleged supporter from Russia and 24 German men and women were among the 25 people detained.

There was one arrest in Italy and one in Austria. The federal prosecutor's office reported that there are another 27 suspects.

The organisation contends that the establishment of the former West Germany in 1949 and the current reunified Germany was

never legitimate since the German constitution prior to World War II was never formally declared null and void.