Steelers vs Ravens: What Tyler Huntley as the Steelers' quarterback means in 3 ways

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Here are 3 things of playing Tyler Huntley, who the Steelers are well familiar with.

Tyler Huntley won't throw the ball as far as Jackson might, but he excels at

delivering the ball to his weapons at a high rate in the short and intermediate game.

it will be crucial for the Steelers to stop the route and prevent yards after the catch.

The defense must be ready for Tyler Huntley to tuck it and run after

he started for the Ravens against the Steelers last year with 72 rushing yards.

Huntley isn't going to make the big play, but he has the potential to blow a big play.

Look for the Steelers defense to steal some turnovers from Huntley if

he tries to force it because they have a history of doing so.