The "world's shortest" Superman would have been Sylvester Stallone.

The 76-year-old actor, who is 5' 10", joked that if he had won the role that ultimately went to Christopher Reeve,

he wouldn't have looked good in the costume. He auditioned for the title role in the 1978 superhero film.

The Golden Globe-winning actor, who is married to Jennifer Flavin and has daughters Scarlet, 20, Sistine, 24, and Sophia, 26,

added that he hopes to get his own reality show to follow his family life while he is still "relevant."

Sage and Seargeoh were deceased when he was married to ex-wife Sasha Czack.

The "Creed" actor, who is best known for playing boxer Rocky in the same-named film series,

also said that Tyson Fury, the current heavyweight champion, is the "greatest heavyweight" -

who has ever lived and that he admires the way he is able to recover after a fight.

He stated: "You are, in my opinion, the best heavyweight to ever live, and as a boxing historian,

I paid special attention to this. No one could have defeated you in any era if you combined all of your abilities with your heart,

your capacity for recovery, and how you are able to move so well for someone your stature. Absolutely true."

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