Tesla Bot Humanoid Robot Is Elon Musk's Priority for 2022, Not Cars

Tesla Motors' CEO, Elon Musk, claims that the company's top goal for the coming year is not making electric automobiles.

Musk asserts that the corporation is more concentrated on the Tesla Bot humanoid robot, 

despite the numerous cautions of Hollywood.

The inventiveness and curiosity of Elon Musk know no limitations.

Robots may seem futuristic and, to be honest, terrifying, but the development of virtual and 

augmented reality technology signals the beginning of a new technological revolution.

Robots that resemble humans might be closer than we realise. Where does the electric vehicle company's car line stand if it turns its attention to robotics this year?

Elon said that the lack of semiconductor chips, supply problems, and inflation were the causes of the change of emphasis.