Tesla Bot is exactly what we expected, for better or worse.

At the end of Tesla's 2021 AI Day in August, Elon Musk revealed a design for "Tesla Bot,"

an electromechanically actuated, autonomous bipedal "general purpose" humanoid robot.

After much anticipation, a Tesla Bot prototype was really presented last night at Tesla's 2022 AI Day. The buzz was just that—hype, it turns out.

Musk's attempt to establish fair expectations for this robot comes far too late.

Most roboticists know better than to utilise people when creating expectations for humanoid robots, because disappointment is inevitable.

While it is true that "compared to not having a robot at all, 

our robot will be quite amazing," attempting to preserve it at the last minute won't help.

One of the developers made it clear just before the robot was brought onto the stage

that this would be the first time it was walking independently and without help.

If that's the case, it's insane—why on earth would you wait until now to do that? I'm not really pleased, just perplexed.