A week-long hearing will be held in the Delaware Court of Chancery regarding Musk's remuneration scheme.

It was valued at about $56 billion by the carmaker at the time, but as of right now, the net value is $50.9 billion

, making it the biggest compensation package for an employee of a publicly listed company in the history of the planet.

Even in the elite realm of CEO pay, Musk's compensation plan was exceptional.

Musk was originally expected to get remuneration in the tens of millions of dollars,

 but corporate leaders of the largest companies routinely receive luxury compensation in the millions.

Top executives are rarely compensated in cash; instead, 

they were given company shares. Musk would be paid more and

 those shares would be worth more the more prosperous Tesla became.

Tesla's stock's unrelenting rise helped him amass a net worth of nearly $300 billion at one point

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