Tesla Cybertruck 3 Reasons for Most Important Electric Pickup Truck

The Tesla Cybertruck might seem to be a product of Elon Musks fever dreams.

 but it is also married his high-end EV experience to the universal utility of the truck.

 Teslas promised pickup is designed with truck utility and sportscar performance.

 according to Tesla CEO Elon Musks vision. Documents Tesla filed in California in December.

give Tesla a chance to claim that this crazy-ass electric truck will probably boast medium-duty truck-like specs.

That would make this wild electric truck an F-250 rival, a much bigger leap than the pickups Tesla has.

 Even the Tesla Cybertruck EV pickup, which has not started production at all, has orders that exceed

 what Tesla could potentially build in one year, according to statements by the companys CEO.

In addition to a single-motor, base-spec configuration, Tesla has announced pricing for dual-motor and three-motor versions of its EV pickup.