For the 2023 model year, Tesla is unmistakably improving the rear displays seen on the Model S and Model X.

The display replaces an earlier iteration of Tesla's touchscreen, which debuted on the Model 3 in 2014.

According to images on the internet, Tesla looks to be working on enlarging the real screen size on the backs of the Model S and X.

Although not the only new feature coming to Tesla's Model X and Model S in 2023, the infotainment screen in the back passenger seat is a pleasant addition.

It is even unclear when Tesla will formally introduce the screen on the production vehicles; perhaps they already have, but have not yet been noticed.

For eight years and 150,000 miles, Tesla's battery and drivetrain systems in the Model X are covered by a limited guarantee.

A range of more than 300 miles is considerably far from what an SUV powered by gasoline or diesel would be able to travel,

However, you must take into account the fact that recharging its battery can cost you less than one-third of what it would to fill the petrol tank of a large SUV.

There are numerous things you can do to increase the Tesla's already incredibly long range.