The Roadster might now be a bit long in the tooth,

But when it finally arrives in next year (2023), It will show that waiting has been worth the wait.

The original Tesla Roadster, which when it eventually goes into production, will become the latest addition to Teslas line-up,

 Tesla Roadster taking over the nameplate worn by the companys first model way back in 2008.

 While there is no official date yet for the Tesla, which calls the limited-production Roadster the Supercar on its Tesla website,

Elon Musk said this year it would follow the semi-truck in entering production, suggesting 2023.

Musk has said he expects to introduce the Roadster, the new flagship model of his luxurious EV company, sometime in 2023,

the new flagship model promising to be the fastest car in the world.

Tesla has also revealed that Roadster, which will be equipped with four-wheel drive as standard,

It will be the fastest production vehicle with a sprint time of 1.9 seconds to 60 miles per hour.