Tesla Says It Is Adding Radar In Its Cars Next Month Amid Self-Driving Suite Concerns

Since 2016, Tesla has claimed all of Teslas vehicles going forward will have all of the hardware needed to allow autonomous driving via future software updates.

 Tesla says all new vehicles since October 2016 come with the Hardware Version 2 (HW2),to allow full self-driving in the future.

In a bit more positive news, it has also fuelled speculation that Tesla is likely adding new,

Tesla is adding higher-resolution radars to their cars for Autopilot hardware 4 (HW4).

There is the chance Tesla is going to introduce a new set of autonomous hardware next month, which simply enhances the autonomous capabilities it promised,

And Tesla is still planning on offering autonomous capabilities in its Autopilot/autonomous hardware.

Against that backdrop, incorporating radars now just reaffirms Teslas critics position,

which has been tossing around the supposed safety of Teslas much-hyped advanced driver assistance system (ADAS).

 The Federal Communications Commission has granted a classified treatment to Tesla in order not to disclose details about the new radar.